trim the fat (to)

 Reduce excess employees or costs; budget cutting.
 ► “Companies are being forced to reevaluate their organization, consolidate, and trim the fat.” (Business Mexico, March 1995, p. 46)

American business jargon. 2014.

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  • trim the fat — INFORMAL ► FINANCE to reduce unnecessary spending: »The company needs to trim the fat to make itself attractive to corporate investors. »The article advises on how to trim the fat from your grocery bill. Main Entry: ↑trim …   Financial and business terms

  • trim the fat — Gen Mgt to lay off unnecessary staff in an organization during a time of economic difficulty (slang) …   The ultimate business dictionary

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  • trim — I n. good condition condition 1) fighting trim (in fighting trim) 2) in trim (to be in trim) ornamental metalwork on a car 3) chrome trim (he scratched my chrome trim) II v. (d; tr.) to trim from (to trim the fat from the budget) * * * [trɪm] [… …   Combinatory dictionary

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